“The purpose of human life is to serve, and to show compassion and the will to help others.” VALITA embraces the philosophy of Reverence for Life that says the only thing we’re really sure of is that we live, and want to go on living. And this is something that we share with everything else that lives – from elephants to blades of grass. So we are brothers and sisters to all living things, and nothing else, neither species nor race nor colour nor religion nor sex, should be more important than this one deepest, most extraordinary thing connecting us all - life.


VALITA commitment to all is to live by the principle of never destroying life while we try to enhance and support life wherever possible. In this way, members strain to regard our own life and all life with awe and respect and work to maximize life’s full potential.


It was primarily formed to address the challenges in Tanzanian societies and worked out to minimize or bring to an end to these challenges: children in difficulties (orphans), HIV/AIDS, poverty, ignorance, human rights violations, health problems and environmental destruction.

What we do


Kaya is where we live

Welcome at the Community of Hope of KAYA which gives peace and love giving youth and children the right way to life


Community of Hope at Kaya

The residents of KAYA are involved in growing vegetables and fruits so that they may have a good diet of vegetables to keep them healthy



We strive to live the principles of permaculture at the land of Bustani ya Binadamu



Supporting youth learning through Engagement Pedagogy


Health, Water & Sanitation

We strive to provide clean water to the community to live healthly


Animal Welfare

We work for animal welfare principles

  • Animals must be provided water, food, proper handling, health care, and an environment appropriate to their care and use, with thoughtful consideration for their species-typical biology and behavior.
  • Animals should be cared for in ways that minimize fear, pain, stress, and suffering.
  • Procedures related to animal housing, management, care, and use should be continuously evaluated, and when indicated, refined or replaced.
  • Animals shall be treated with respect and dignity throughout their lives.
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